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Fusion April and May skincare offers

April and May bring two fabulous discounted products from Fusion meso.

First up we have the Nicanimide 5.0 serum

An active serum to reduce redness, inflammation, pigmentation, acne and improve general skin texture. Niacinamide, is one of the most widely studied topical skincare ingredients. Numerous peer-reviewed studies have revealed its many benefits on the skin, which include clinically proven efficacy to brighten the skin, reduce acne and blemishes, improve the skin barrier and re-balance the skin’s micro-biome.

Saving you £5 on the RRP

Next we have the Vitamin c 5.0 serum

Highly concentrated serum based on a new stable form of vitamin C. This exclusive formula targets photo-ageing and free radical damage. After few days of application the skin tone looks even and brighter.  

Et-Vitamin C (ethyl ascorbic acid) is a multi-functional vitamin C derivative with excellent whitening, anti-oxidation, free radical scavenging and collagen boosting effects.

Saving you £5 off the RRP

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