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Fusion meso repair

Meso repair cream has a unique ice cream🍦texture that melts on contact with the skin, feels rich, nourishing and slightly cool. This cream can be stored in the fridge for an even greater soothing effect and feels wonderfully refreshing on sunny days ☀️

It contains a special repair complex that accelerates the healing process by reducing redness and inflammation up to 37% after only 24 hours and 52% after 48 hours compared to a placebo. It also acts at DNA level to reverse damage, particularly UV-induced damage. Like Cica-post care it is an ideal cream to apply post procedures or for general skin repair and regeneration.

The beautiful texture of this cream and the sensory experience it provides has made it the go to anti-ageing nighttime product that effectively cares for your skin whilst providing powerful age reversal effects. Containing 5 of the most important growth factors for skin regeneration, along with amino acids (building blocks for the skin), peptides and ATP (energy for the cells), this cream offers significant benefits to those who apply it daily.

Use if you?

- Need a repair cream post procedure.

- Have inflamed skin, including rosacea

- Suffer from dry, sensitive skin

- Have sun burn

- Exposed to sun whilst on holiday

- Are aged or have aged & delicate skin

- Suffer from dry skin

- Require a cream that will lift & firm the skin

- Need to repair DNA damage

- Need to reduce the depth and length of wrinkles

- Want to remove fine lines

Beautiful nourishing texture, with a refreshing Ceylan tea and citric aroma 😍

professional skincare
fusion meso repair cream

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