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Platinum pen micro needling device

The Fusion platinum pen combines micro needling with fusion meso formulations.

 The Fusion platinum pen
Can be used to treat the following

▪️Improves wrinkles and expression lines
▪️Skin rejuvenation
▪️Skin lifting/tightening
▪️Minimise pore size
▪️Improves acne scars
▪️Improves stretch marks
▪️Improves collagen structure
▪️Improves appearance of scars

The fusion platinum pen combines cutting edge technology and balancing the newest and most advanced features for client safety and comfort.
▪️Low noise
▪️High speed penetration 133 punctures per second to minimise discomfort
▪️Cartridges have anti-backflow technology to restrict cross contamination

The platinum pen micro needling treatment includes a sterile Meso-T mask which is hydrated with Fusion meso solutions

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