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Ceramid moisturiser

Our water-in-oil rich nutritive moisturiser has been created with normal to dry / sensitive skin types in mind. It contains Vegan Ceramides. 

Plant-derived ceramides, sometimes known as phytoceramides, are gaining significant popularity because they work in the same way as any other type of ceramide – by helping to seal in the skin's moisture and maintain the natural skin barrier.

Did you know that ceramides make up 40% of the intercellular lipid cement within your skin, and that they are responsible for regulating trans-epidermal water flow, maintaining the cohesion of the skin layers whilst protecting the skin and restoring the skin barrier. 

A clinical study conducted on 11 healthy volunteers demonstrated the effectiveness of Vegan Ceramides in improving skin hydration. After just 30 minutes, the cream was found to improve skin hydration by 73% compared to the placebo, and after 8 hours, it improved hydration by 53% compared to the placebo. These results are highly significant and demonstrate the powerful hydrating and barrier-restoring properties of Vegan Ceramides.

Use if you?

- Feel your skin is dry in Autumn & Winter

- Generally have dry skin

- Suffer from dry, sensitive skin

- Want to improve skin elasticity & softness

- Improve the way your make-up lays on your skin

- Feel your skin is dry following health issues

- Want to achieve a dewy glow & increase radiance

- Looking for a hydrating night cream

Tip: Ceramid Moisturiser is perfect to use as a night cream

Refreshing Aloe vera scent

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