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Mixlab Squalane Vit F serum

Mixlab Squalane Vit F serum

Squalane VIT F is an active serum designed to nourish and restore the natural skin lipid barrier. It contains vegan squalane 20%, Vitamin F 3% and Vitamin E 0.5% in strength. The serum can be used pure as an intensive treatment for dryness or mixed with other mixlab serums to prepare a targeted personalised product.

Vitamin F is especially beneficial for dry, seborrheic skins with a disturbed lipid barrier as well as for dry scalps with brittle and dull hair.

Vitamin F is a blend of essential fatty acids (Linoleic Acid, Linolenic Acid) extracted from soy bean oil. Essential fatty acids, especially linoleic acid, are extremely important for maintaining an intact lipid barrier and its physiological functions. Deficiency of linoleic acid leads to dry, scaling skin with a disturbed lipid barrier, and creates increased TEWL. Topical application of linoleic acid leads to restoration of the lipid barrier within a few days. Vitamin F can efficiently help to treat dry skin, hypertrophy of sebaceous glands, hyperkeratosis, weakened capillary vessels, atopic dermatitis psoriasis and even acne.

  • Contains

    • Olive oil squalane (20%)
    •  Vitamin F (3%)
    • Vitamin E (0,5%)
  • Benefits

    • Anti-inflammatory effect
    • Restores the skin's lipid barrier
    • Nourishes and prevents dehydration
    • Improves dry and thinning hair
    • Preservative free
    • Non-greasy after-feel
    • High concentration of active ingredients
    • Oil-based serum
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