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Mixlab Hyaluronic TRX serum

Mixlab Hyaluronic TRX serum

The TRX serum has been designed to increase skin brightness, reduce pigmentation and age / dark spots with an active and effective formula containing 2% of XS hyaluronic acid and Tranexamic acid. 

Tranexamic acid provides a powerful and specific anti-inflammatory action, inhibiting tyrosinase synthesis in melanocytes to keratinocytes in the epidermis. Also it calms the skin and helps to restore the skin barrier and  decreases the skin's sensitivity to UV radiation.

The TRX serum is suitable for anyone who is experiencing uneven skin tone and patches of pigment, for skin conditions such as: melasma, sun damage, hyper-pigmentation, age spots and very dull lifeless skin.

  • Product scent

    Product scent: Ceylan tea & citric acids. 

  • Ingredients

    • XS hyaluronic acid 2%
    • Tranexamic acid 3%
  • General use

    General use:

    Apply one dose twice a day to clean skin. Once absorbed by the skin, a moisturiser can be applied. In the morning we recommend a All day shield SPF50+ or Urban d protections SPF30.

  • Base formula

    Serum base formula:

    The mixlab serums contain a natural gel based with low molecular weight hyaluronic acid for a velvet and non sticky after-feel. The serum feels rich and nutritive despite it being oil-free. The base formula encompasses and preserves a blend of naturally occurring fruit acids (lactic, citric, tartaric, gluconic), that offer a broad spectrum of activity, including being effective at preventing bacteria, yeast, mold and fungi. The serum also contains naturally sourced GMO free Propanediol which provides improved skin moisture and boosts the efficacy of the naturally preserved acid blend creating a perfect resurfacing serum that is extremely skin friendly.

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