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Mixlab Hyaluronic PHA  serum

Mixlab Hyaluronic PHA serum

An active serum to renew the skin by producing a controlled and soft exfoliation with 2% of XS hyaluronic acid and 5% of PHA's. PHA's provide many skin care benefits, they are very gentle, and do not cause irritation, or have a negative effect on the deeper layers of the skin. The effect of PHA's is very similar to that of AHA's (alpha hydroxy acids or fruit acids like glycolic or lactic acid), however PHA's (polyhydroxy acids) provide the skin with far more benefits.

The combination of hydroxyl groups within this serum act as a strong humectant to keep the skin glowing and plumped. Their larger molecular size results in slower skin penetration and prevents the burning sensation that is often common with other exfoliating agents. PHA's when used alone don´t require a basic neutralizer after application, therefore it makes them easy to use, and extremely beneficial when applied daily, as part of an effective resurfacing skincare regime. 

This serum is mostly suited to anyone who is looking for a controlled daily resurfacing effect that will not irritate the skin. Highly suitable for rough, aged, sun damaged / uneven toned skin (including age spots), or smokers skin, and anyone suffering from scars. 

  • Product scent

    Product scent: Ceylan tea & citric acids. 

  • Ingredients

    • XS hyaluronic acid 2%
    • Gluconolactone & Lactobionic acid 5%
  • General use

    General use:

    Apply one dose twice a day to clean skin. Once absorbed by the skin, a moisturiser can be applied. In the morning we recommend a All day shield SPF50+ or Urban d protections SPF30.


  • Base formula

    Serum base formula:

    The mixlab serums contain a natural gel based with low molecular weight hyaluronic acid for a velvet and non sticky after-feel. The serum feels rich and nutritive despite it being oil-free. The base formula encompasses and preserves a blend of naturally occurring fruit acids (lactic, citric, tartaric, gluconic), that offer a broad spectrum of activity, including being effective at preventing bacteria, yeast, mold and fungi. The serum also contains naturally sourced GMO free Propanediol which provides improved skin moisture and boosts the efficacy of the naturally preserved acid blend creating a perfect resurfacing serum that is extremely skin friendly.

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