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Fusion hair mist men

Fusion hair mist men

ntroducing our revolutionary hair men mist, specifically formulated to treat and prevent hair loss, including androgenic alopecia. Our serum contains a powerful blend of active ingredients and works by works by nourishing and revitalising the hair follicles, stimulating new hair growth, and preventing further hair loss.


  • Active ingredient benefits

    • Treats androgenic alopecia
    • Strengthens hair follicles
    • Increases scalp hydration
    • Prevents hair loss, increases growth
    • Revitalises the scalp
  • Contains

    Hyaluronic acid, Acetyl tetrapeptide-3 + clover extract, growth factors EGF + FGF + VEGF + folic acid + acetyl gluytamine solution, carnosine, organic silicium, Dexpanthenol, Zinc & calcium & copper & magnesium multi-mineral complex


  • How to use

    HAIR MEN mist is easy to apply and should be used on clean, damp hair.

    • Clean the hair
    • Comb through to de-tangle (using your Fusion Meso comb)
    • Part the hair section by section and spray the serum onto the length of the hair, the tips and any areas that require particular attention
    • Gently massage the serum into the hair
    • After working the serum into the hair, a gentle scalp massage can be performed (with the Fusion Meso scalp massager) to improve circulation and boost follicle functions
    • Additional serum can be applied to areas of the scalp whilst you are performing the massage
    • Then blow dry or leave to dry as normal

    For best results, use the serum regularly, either daily or as needed.

  • Size


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