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Ceramid Moisturizer

Ceramid Moisturizer

Ceramid moisturizer is a water-in-oil rich nutritive cream designed to treat dry, and or sensitive skin types. This cream contains Vegan Ceramides, a rice extract made with a process to optimise the sphingolipids and phospholipids fraction.  Ceramides play an important role in the structure and quality of the stratum corneum. Ceramides represent the main components of the intercellular lipid cement (40%). They control several essential biological functions: regulation of the trans-epidermal water flow, cohesion of the stratum corneum layers, protection of the skin and restoration of the skin barrier. 

A clinical study, performed on 11 healthy volunteers, shows that Vegan Ceramides improve in a highly significant way, skin hydration: +73% compared to placebo after 30 minutes and 53% vs placebo after 8 hours.

  • Contains

    Vegan ceramides (2%), olive oil squalane (10%).

  • scent

    Aloe vera

  • indications

    Dry & sensitive skin types.

  • size


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