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What is LED therapy

LED therapy

LED, also known as light emitting diode therapy, is still a relatively new electrical treatment to the industry and uses varying wavelengths of light, including blue, red and Near Infra Red.

It is said that NASA originally developed it for plant growth experiments on shuttle missions and later discovered it to have benefits for wound healing. LED light therapy is now used by therapists to help regenerate and revitalise the skin from the signs of ageing and premature ageing. It also offers many positive effects for acne and breakouts.

Different coloured lights are used with varying wavelengths and are selected depending on the skin concern, with Near Infra Red & red primarily used for anti-ageing, hyperpigmentation & inflammatory disorders while blue is generally used for acne and breakout treatment.

Theories on product use with LED vary between manufacturers and training providers, with some saying to use no products on the skin whatsoever, whilst some recommend topical applications for enhanced effects.

My Dermalux flex and Celluma allow me to use serums and I have a whole host available to me depending on which of my product ranges are more suitable for each clients concerns.

I use my Dermalux Flex or Celluma after chemical peels, mesotherapy and some of my advanced facials as this amazing treatment speeds up cell regeneration by a whopping 200% thus helping the healing process.

It works on every layer of the skin- blue on the epidermis has an antibacterial/ germicidal effect, Red reaches into the dermis and Near infra red the hyperdermis / subcutaneous layer of the skin . LED supercharges the mitochondria to produce ATP - (like cell battery fluid) so imagine skin cells that have taken Speed- literally going crazy and reproducing daughter cells like never before!

There are two leading lights celluma and Dermalux and they are head and shoulders above other LED - clinical trials prove it’s effectiveness and it has proven to be a truly indispensable, ‘must have’ piece of equipment for me of late.

It can be an ‘add-on’ to any facial treatment or taken as a course for conditions such as acne with 2-3 treatments a week for literally mind blowing results.

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