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Is it safe to have more than one treatement at a time?

Education post 🤓

I’m seeing more and more adverts for ‘pick and mix’ facials. STOP right there ✋

The one question I’m going to ask is would you EVER go to the hairdresser and pick 3 invasive treatments to be carried out on your hair in the same appointment? More importantly which hairdresser would do this? You would never walk out of the hairdresser with frizzy over processed hair, so why walk out of a facial with a face that’s literally red raw

By invasive treatments I’m talking treatments that have the potential to compromise the skin barrier

* Chemical peels

* Microneedling

* Dermaplaning


* Steaming

* Mesotherapy

* Microdermabrasion

Are all examples of this.

Why should these treatments not be combined?

Why should they? Any invasive treatment leaves the skin susceptible to infection (bacterial and fungal), inflammation, sun burn, wind burn, hyperpigmentation, post inflammatory pigmentation, compromising the skin barrier, increased trans epidermal water loss etc. Combining treatments increases the risk of all of the above, plus if the skin reacts to a treatment that has been combined how does the therapist know which component the skin has reacted to? This is why aftercare must be followed correctly

Some treatments shouldn’t be combined because it’s a waste of time. I don’t combine chemical peels with Mesotherapy. This is because the acids in the peel denature the Mesotherapy ingredients therefore it’s a waste of time.

I’m not even discussing BBGLOW in this post as it’s a post in itself. All I’m going to say is if you want cottage cheese like deposits under your skin crack on I will pray for you 😭

Not every treatment is suitable for everyone’s skin. This here is an important statement. There’s a whole list of contraindications for invasive treatments too. Therefore a FULL consultation should be carried out before your treatment. Yes my clients get sick of my forms but it’s important that I know your medical history before my hands touch your face. That also goes for medication as some medicines can affect the way treatments work, making skin photosensitive or in the case of some acne medication sensitive for a year post course completion

Let’s talk education

During the lockdowns there has been a huge boom in online training. This includes therapist watching a video and answering a few questions then being ‘qualified’ in a treatment. No hands on experience. Insurance companies are not covering this type of education nor are some companies covering courses where more than one modality was taught. How as a consumer do you feel about that?

As a trainer this actually scares me

Do I combine treatments?

Yes I do but as rule I leave 7 days after

The treatments I combine have rigid protocols and have been scientifically tested by the brand. I also don’t allow clients these if they haven’t had a standard Dermaplaning with me.

Caviar Dermaplaning facial (£50)which is Dermaplaning,LED light, Caviar peel and caviar mask.

The caviar peel is a polyhydroxyacid (PHA) peel which have been found to be compatible with clinically sensitive skin ( rosacea dermatitis etc) this makes these peels the perfect partner to Dermaplaning. These peels cause less irritation than AHA’s and BHA’s.

The caviar peel also includes caviar extract which speeds up natural production of collagen by upto 67%. Caviar is rich in vitamins, proteins, amino acids and micro-elements. Ideal for moisturising the skin

*This is the only chemical peel I use after Dermaplaning*

VIP facial (£65)

Dermaplaning, LED light, Mesotherapy electroporation(no needle) or easy touch nano

I’ve added some pictures here where I’ve done 3 treatments on my face (Dermaplaning, caviar peel and LED light). That’s healthy glowing skin. No Tommy tomatoe face, red raw and sore looking. Leaving a salon with white eye holes isn’t a ‘treat’ for your skin. It’s causing lasting damage.

It’s easier to prevent a skin condition than cure it.

This education post isn’t ’ come to me for your treatments blah blah’ it’s to hopefully make you think and make more of an informed choice for whatever treatments you choose

If you’ve read to the end thank you 🙏

I know sometimes people think I’m over cautious but you only get one face so let’s take care of it ❤️

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