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Fusion Nano-needling

Nano-needling is new non-invasive procedure involving superficial and controlled nano-puncturing of the skin with nano-needles. 

Nano-needling is a new type of meso-needling without any pain or chance of bleeding.  Nano-needling is more superficial, and more punctures are performed per treatment session. 

How does nano-needling compare to micro-needling? 

1. The length of the needles are shorter

2. More punctures are created (each nano-cartridge bottle contains 137 needles with a length of 0.05mm).

3. The product is placed into the bottle that contains the nano disk and is inserted into the device. The product is then applied directly to the skin through the nano-needles from the bottle. There is no requirement to place the product onto the skin via a syringe.

There are 15 protocols available to target

Expression lines and wrinkles

Sagging and aged skin

Dark eye circles

Eye fat bags

Sun damage and hyper-pigmentation

Oily, acne prone skin


Broken capillaries 


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