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Fusion meso Feb £5 savings

Fusion meso are offering £5 dicsount during feb

Soothing cream formulated to restore the skin. 5 growth factors, folic acid, acetyl glutamine, amino acids, peptides and ATP.

Soothing repair cream formulated with active ingredients derived from aesthetic medicine for a complete anti-ageing effect, and to restore the skins natural functions. This cream has a rich texture with a beautiful nourishing finish that penetrates well into the skin.

– 5 growth factors (Epidermal GF, acid Fibroblast GF, Basic Fibroblast GF, insulin like GF1 and Vascular endothelial GF) and folic acid that have been demonstrated to be more effective than human placenta in stimulation of cell growth including fibroblast increasing the biosynthesis of collagen. Wrinkles are reduced up to 38% and skin moisturizing increased by 50% in 2 weeks.

– Hydracell Q (acetyl glutamine) activates the collagen biosynthesis by changing catabolic pathway to anabolic pathway, increases the level of potassium into the cells improving the cellular water retention.

– Unirepair T43 a rich complex in amino acid: Acetyl tyrosine, proline both known for their redox properties; hydrolysed vegetable proteins (rich in energy boosters like glutamine and glutamic acid) and ATP as an energy booster. Unirepair T43 accelerates the repair of UV-induced DNA damages in pre-and post treatments, it reduces the inflammation and the skin redness by providing amino acids that are precursors of DNA repairing enzymes but also that have direct DNA redox activity.

DNA damage after UVB irradiation is reduced up to 50% after 5 hours. The erythema is reduced up to 37% after 24 hours, and up to 52% after 48 hours.

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