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Ekseption caviar repair

Caviar repair is our Ekseption product of the month

Enjoy £5 discount during June

Rich repairing cream to apply after peeling procedures. The cream promotes healthy skin proliferation and cellular differentiation. 

The repair process is an essential phase after chemical peelings and it is of primary importance to use the right product. The skin structure must be restored and the processes of differentiation, proliferation, and intercellular communication regulated. The caviar repair contains a synergy of retinol, vitamin E, caviar extract and unirepair T-43. The formula is a rich butter to intensively nourish and create a lipid barrier over the skin. This cream can be used when you are undertaking a course of chemical peels or as a general anti-ageing cream at home.


Unirepair T-43

Caviar extract

Vitamin E



Repairs the skin post peel

Controls new skin proliferation

Restores essential lipids to nourish

Repairs dry, delicate skin

Increases skin firmness

Reduces wrinkles

Reduces skin redness

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