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Don't Skip This Skincare Step If You Want Hydrated Skin & An All over Glow

Updated: Feb 29

The road to glowing, vibrant skin is a long and winding one. Scores of antioxidants can help you secure a brighter complexion (niacinamide, Vitamins C and E!) and a good exfoliating regimen can pull a ton of weight, but a few mistakes can work against all your efforts. Like, say, using a too-light moisturiser. Or worse, none at all.

If you don’t aptly hydrate your skin, no exfoliator or brightening serum is going to give you luminescent skin long-term. Here’s exactly what you may be missing:


Dry skin appears duller, full stop. Immediately following any cleansing or exfoliating steps in your skin care routine, you should use a good moisturiser. When skin is moisturised, it also reflects light, making it instantly appear more glowing. You want to nurture your skin barrier so that it appears supple and strong, which goes hand-in-hand with brightness.

That said, take the time to hydrate your skin, both internally and externally. When it comes to topicals, seek moisturisers that contain lipids & antioxidants.

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