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Celluma LED light treatment

s your skin suffering from wearing a face covering?

The celluma LED treatment could be the answer

Benefits included

🌱Boosts circulation 🌱Rejuvenates the skin 🌱Smoother, firmer, plumper skin

🌱Minimises fine lines and wrinkles 🌱Reduces age spots and pigmentation 🌱Scars/acne scars 🌱Beneficial for eczema and psoriasis

🌱Rosacea 🌱Helps repair sun damaged skin

🌱Reduces blemishes 🌱Soothes irritation and redness 🌱Improves natural glow 🌱Improves broken capillaries 🌱Thicken and firms the skin 🌱Reduces pore size

🌱Destroys bacteria

🌱Reduces active acne

🌱Prevents breakouts 🌱Minimises redness and irritation 🌱Reduces inflammation and swelling 🌱Soothing and calming 🌱Mood disorders/SAD 🌱Sun damage 🌱Relieves tension and headaches

No pain, downtime or side effect

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