Fusion Platinum pen skin needling

Skin needling Treatment using the Fusion platinum pen
Can be used to treat the following
▪️Improves wrinkles and expression lines
▪️Skin rejuvenation
▪️Skin lifting/tightening
▪️Minimise pore size
▪️Improves acne scars
▪️Improves stretch marks
▪️Improves collagen structure
▪️Improves appearance of scars

The fusion platinum pen combines cutting edge technology and balancing the newest and most advanced features for client safety and comfort.
▪️Low noise
▪️High speed penetration 133 punctures per second to minimise discomfort
▪️Cartridges have anti-backflow technology to restrict cross contamination

Fusion Meso serums are used during the treatment. All treatments are bespoke to each individual with a range of products for every skin concern.

Treatments include a Fusion Meso T mask. This mask is bespoke to each individual as it’s blended by the therapist during the treatment using Fusion Meso serums. No mask is ever the same. An ice roller is also used to reduce erythema (redness) and improve blood circulation promoting increased healing.

Each client is provided with a Fusion Meso smart mix cream as home care after the treatment. This cream is blended by the therapist at the time of treatment depending on your skin needs.

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