Skin Safety awareness

July 2, 2019


Did you know I carry out a skin analysis on all my clients?. Incase you thought I was just making you look glowing, I'm actually inspecting your skin for anything unusual. As part of my role as a therapist it's important to know what may cause concern. I always inform my client and advise them to seek the opinion of a health care professional.


I met a lovely client for the first time who has a history of sunbed use. She had several unusual areas on her face, one in particular that concerned me. I advised she see her GP for a consultation. Luckily she acted on my advice and is now receiving treatment.


REMEMBER- Check your moles regularly for any changes in size, colour and irregularity.

                     - Wear SPF 30 or above every day. This should be a separate product from your moisturiser or makeup and should be reapplied during the day.



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