April 26, 2019

We've had some great testimonials recently from our clients. It's always great to get feedback and we appreciate our clients taking the time to do this. I am going to share some of the feedback we have received









From Michelle.


I have now had three sessions of Mesotherapy with Marie of Pandora’s Box Beauty and Skin Rejuvenation.
I hoped to improve the fine lines around my eyes and deeper lines to my forehead. I have also become very conscious of my eyelids as they have become droopy and hooded with age.
I was very nervous at my first treatment, I expected the procedure to hurt or at least be uncomfortable. I was actually surprised to find it very relaxing with no pain or discomfort whatsoever. It was also very reassuring to see how much care was taken with hygiene to make sure the equipment remained sterile. Marie continued to check I felt comfortable throughout the treatment and explained the aftercare I needed to follow. I was also given an aftercare information sheet to take home.
The day after my first session I could see an improvement to my crows feet around both eyes. The lines were softer with the right eye showing the greatest improvement.
When applying skin cream after my second treatment I really noticed a big difference in the texture of my skin. It was firmer, plumper and much smoother to the touch. The crows feet to my right eye have almost been erased with the left eye continuing to improve.
The hooded lid of my right eye has also started to lift and I feel my eyes look less heavy and more open. The deeper lines to my forehead and frown lines have also softened.
I have now had my third session and have continued to see the lines around my eyes and mouth become softer and my skin texture smoother.
I’m very impressed with the results of this treatment so far. I hope that with my forth treatment the deeper lines to my forehead will continue to smooth helping to lift my eye lids further. I would definitely recommend Mesotherapy and Pandora’s Box Beauty to my friends.

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