Ekseption Spotless Ultraserum

Ekseption Spotless Ultraserum

Spotless Ultraserum is an exclusive highly concentrated serum that has been designed to quickly reduce age spots, blemishes,  pigmentation and melasma. It combines a polyhydroxy acid (PHA) with Hexyl-resorcinol and niacinamide along with transdermal boosters to increase the penetration of the active ingredients. 

The serum has a light and silky feel making it extremely comfortable. We recommend that is should be used post chemical peel. It has shown great success in reducing pigmentation after a few applications. Spotless ultraserum can also be used as a stand alone treatment at home.

  • Ingredients



    Niacinamide PC

    Mandarin essential oil

  • Indications

    Rough skin

    Age spots

    Blemishes & acne scars



  • Size