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Fusion Radiance cream

Fusion Radiance cream

The Radiance cream consists of a unique light texture with a matt silky finish that feels soft on the skin. Its powerful ingredients work quickly to reduce dark patches for an even complexion. 

Radiance cream contains three of the most active & beneficial ingredients available to specifically balance the skins melanin without side effects, including Tranexamic acid, a hero ingredient of 2020. These advanced ingredients inhibit & prevent the transfer of melanin that leads to discolouration, such as age spots, pigmentation disorders & melasma. Radiance cream prevents free radical & DNA damage, whilst reducing the appearance of lines & wrinkles.


  • Ingredients

    Tranexamic acid

    Niacinamide PC



  • Indications

    Age spots, pigmentation, melasma, blemishes, acne scars

  • Size


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