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Fusion eye sorbet

Fusion eye sorbet

A refreshing eye cream designed to reduce eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles. It contains cross-linked hyaluronic acid, 5 growth factors, folic acid, acetyl glutamine for a global anti-ageing effect.

Eye Sorbet has a surprising texture that erases wrinkles in a minute!  Wrinkles are reduced up to 38% and skin moisture increased by 50% within 2 weeks.


  • ingredients

    – Cross-linked hyaluronic acid as used in dermal fillers to fill deep wrinkles.

    – 5 growth factors (Epidermal GF, acid Fibroblast GF, Basic Fibroblast GF, insulin like GF1 and Vascular endothelial GF) and folic acid that have been demonstrated to be more effective than human placenta in stimulation of cell growth including fibroblast increasing the biosynthesis of collagen. Wrinkles are reduced up to 38% and skin moisture increased by 50% in 2 weeks.

    – Hydracell Q (acetyl glutamine) activates the collagen biosynthesis by changing catabolic pahtway to anabolic pathway, increases the level of potasium into the cells improving the cellular water retention.

  • Indications



    Matt texture

    Improves eye contour circulation

    Reduces build up of fluid

    Visible wrinkle reduction

    Suitable for all skin types 

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