Eve Taylor dry body brush

Eve Taylor dry body brush

A dry body brush with firm cactus based bristles and canvas strap with Eve Taylor logo, to increase microcirculation and metabolism to aid in toxin removal for a refreshed skin tone and smooth skin appearance. 
  • Skin concerns

    Concerns: Detoxifying , Uplifting

  • Skin type

    Suitable for all skin types, especially those with cellulite, fluid retention, sluggish metabolism and rough skin


    *Do not use if taking prescribed Ro-Accutane/Isotretinoin medication.

  • Benefits


    • Removes superficial dead skin cells 

    • Aids in toxin removal and increases lymphatic drainage

    • Boosts circulation helping with elimination

    • Prepares the skin for increased product absorption 

    • Softens and smooths the skin for a refreshed skin appearance

  • Home use

    Each morning, dry brush in upward motions using brisk strokes from feet up to hips, over the buttocks, stomach area and finalise from the wrists to shoulder area