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Is your decolletage neglected? Many people forget to treat this area, lets’ remember it’s an extension of the neck and is often on show especially in the summer.

What we can treat


Sun damage



Loss of elasticity

Crepey skin


Sun spots

Large pores

Broken vessels

Dehydrated skin



Treatments available

Chemical peel including Retin-oil

Triple action peel

Caviar peel and mask

Radio Frequency

Crystal treatment

Skin needling


Electroporation (Mesotherapy transdermal with LED light)

Our booking system remains online and we’re now accepting appointments scheduled from 17th August when we reopen for body treatments ONLY. Just hit the Book Now button to easily find the next available spot. If needed, you can easily reschedule or cancel closer to your appointment date.

Right now we all need something to look forward to, so go right ahead and book your next appointment. Thank you for supporting us, we can't wait to get back to doing what we love best.

Stay safe, and see you back soon!

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