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mesotherapy application with mesoinfinity

Fusion Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy- Fractional,  electroporation, meso-infinity, nano-needling


Mesotherapy is a technique in which Meso is applied to the mesodermal tissue.
This treatment delivers nourishing substances to the skin where cell repair and growths occurs. These include
▪️Growth factors
▪️Amino acids

Mesotherapy can be used to treat many skin conditions including
🔸Sun spots
🔸Large pores
🔸Broken vessels
🔸Dehydrated skin
🔸Loss of elasticity
🔸Stretch marks
🔸Acne (not active)

Specific areas
🔷Eyes- fat bags, dark circles, lines, puffiness and tired eyes
🔷Lips- wrinkles, lines, increase moisture, increase colour and volume
🔷Face- Skin Rejuvenation, improve radiance, Double chin, expression lines, pigmentation, sun damage, broken capillaries, acne, open pores and smokers skin

Fusion Xpert MesotherapyThis treatment is delivered by a pulsed electromagnetic wave that opens cellular pores, delivering the Meso solution into the cell nucleus. An LED light also activates biological functions in the cells.Benefits of this treatment

🔺Great for needle phobic clients


🔺Suitable for sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea

🔺Can be used on thin skin

🔺No healing time

Meso- infinity

ETM mesotherapy technology is a combination of both Meso-chip transdermal technology & Electroporation.

EMT is an effective way to transport vital nutrients into the mesoderm (mesoblast layer), to achieve acceleration of cell metabolism, to promote circulation within the capillaries, and to increase collagen  regeneration.

Volcano-shaped microcrystals arranged in the meso-chip, open the skin barrier of the epidermis to form micro aqua channels. The nutrients from the syringe are introduced into the epidermis through the micro water channels deep into the skin. The micro aqua channels will close naturally post treatment, and the normal barrier structure of the skin surface is restored.

 Skin consultations can be booked via the link below

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