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Ekspetion PHA chemical peels

Look Great. Feel Amazing.

Ekseption PHA peels are known as the second generation of peels, these are no-peel peels. Gentle enough to be used on the most sensitive skin such as eczema, dermatitis and roseca sufferers.
The peels are designed to address skin complaints such as hyperpigmentation, lines, uneven skintone to name a few.
Increasing skin hydration and containing peptides to maximise cell regeneration in the dermis as well as exfoliation factors to increase cell turn over. Leaving fresh glowing skin. An amazing skin rejuvenation treatment

Ekseption PHA chemical peel: Welcome

Ekseption triple acid peel mask

A blend of three PHA’s that reduces roughness, wrinkles and pigmentation.


🌱Restores pH balance
🌱Exfoliation of dead skin cells
🌱Promotes skin renovation in dermal layers
🌱Repairs damaged skin structures and promotes faster healing
🌱Gentle on skin with no irritation
🌱Lightens skin to lessen visibility of blemishes
🌱Reduces photo-ageing
🌱Improves skin laxity
🌱Antioxidant affect
🌱Deeply moisturising
🌱Lifting effect
🌱Unblocks pores
🌱Reduces sebum secretion
🌱Reduces acne without overdrying of skin
🌱Reduces bacteria

*spf must be worn and a repair cream is recommended*

Ultimate anti-ageing

Our ultimate anti-ageing triple acid peeling treatment combines 6 anti-ageing heroes with one treatment (2 PHA's, 1 AHA, retinol, Hyaluronic acid and caviar extract) to provide an intensive anti-wrinkle effect  with little or no downtime

**Not suitable for vegans**

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Suitable for combination skin types. Providing a strong exfoliation, removing dead skin cells, clean blocked pores, regulate the skin and provide a calming hydrating effect.

**Suitable for vegans**


Urban protection

Anti-pollution triple acid peeling mask will immediately remove pollution and provide the skin with daily protection it needs to fight atmospheric pollution, that causes damage to the skin cells.

**Suitable for vegans**

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