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Decolletage treatments

Pampering Our Clients With Professional Attention

Many people forget to treat this area, lets’ remember it’s an extension of the neck and is often on show especially in the summer.

What we can treat
Sun damage
Loss of elasticity
Crepey skin
Sun spots
Large pores
Broken vessels
Dehydrated skin

Treatments available
Chemical peel including Retin-oil
Triple action peel
Caviar peel and mask
Radio Frequency
Crystal treatment
Skin needling
Electroporation (Mesotherapy transdermal with LED light)

Golden Rectangle Necklace on Neck

Chemical peels


We offer a range of PHA  chemical peels for the decolletage area. Targeting all the skin concerns listed above to rejuvenate and regenerate the decolletage

decol - 1.jpeg

Radio Frequency treatments


Our Radio Frequency treatments are a  non-invasive treatment which is also pain free that lifts and tightens loose skin. Great for the décolletage, acne scarring and wrinkles.


Skin needling


Skin needling is the ideal treatment for the decolletage area, targeting lines, sun damage and plumping out the skin with new collagen.

Red Matte Lipstick

Mesotherapy treatments


Mesotherapy is a technique in which a mesotherapy solution is applied to the mesodermal tissue.
This treatment delivers nourishing substances to the skin where cell repair and growths occurs. These include
▪️Growth factors
▪️Amino acids

Also available in no-needle mesotherapy. Electroporation is a transdermal application of mesotherapy solution using electronic pulse and LED light. This is a no needle treatment so suitable for people who suffer from eczema, sensitive skin, psoriasis and rosacea.

Decolletage treatments: Services
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