Ekseption Caviar Dermaplane facial

This treatment has amazing additional benefits to enhance the results of a Dermaplaning facial

These added benefits include

▪️Speeds up collagen production
▪️Reduce appearance of fine lines ▪️Increased firmness to skin
▪️Reduce appearance of pigmentation
▪️Fight against free radicals
▪️Even out skin tone and blemishes
▪️Skin regeneration
▪️Nourishing and hydrating

The treatment includes an Ekseption Caviar PHA (polyhydroxy acid) no-peel peel. These peels cause less irritation than AHA’s and BHA’s. They have been found to be compatible with clinically sensitive skin ( rosacea dermatitis etc) this makes these peels the perfect partner to Dermaplaning.

The caviar peel also includes caviar extract which speeds up natural production of collagen by upto 67%. Caviar is rich in vitamins, proteins, amino acids and micro-elements. Ideal for moisturising the skin.

Caviar liquid mask
Benefits include
▪️Ideal for all skin types
▪️Nourishing and moisturising
▪️Restores skin moisture
▪️Reduces the appearance of lines, blemishes and Skin discolouration

Caviar cream
Rich cream to promote healthy skin proliferation and intensively nourish the skin.

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